Region: Missoula, MT

River/Stream CFS Ht °F Cond Now Sun Mon Sr/Ss
Bitterroot River
Not Found
576– 3.7 Edit Null 35 Ra sn50
46 31
Ra sn50
48 37
Bitterroot River
Not Found
283– 1.6 NA Edit Null 32 Ra sn40
47 35
Ra sn60
49 41
Bitterroot River
Not Found
1100– 3.5 NA Edit Novc 39 Ra sn40
45 34
Ra sn50
47 39
Blackfoot River
Not Found
634– 2.2 44 Edit Novc 39 Ra sn40
43 35
Ra sn50
44 40
Clark Fork
Not Found
3670– 5.9 Edit Null 39 Ra sn30
44 34
Ra sn50
46 38
Clark Fork
Not Found
1320– 2.9 Edit Novc 39 Sn40
40 30
42 36
Dearborn River
Not Found
168– 4.0 NA Edit Null 41 Ra sn30
45 32
48 41
Missouri River
Not Found
4120– 4.4 48 Edit Null 43 Ra sn30
47 34
49 43


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